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this is an absolutely amazing looking game, and the gameplay is pretty amazing too, it's just that sometimes it is physically impossible to make a jump, so you should try to fix that if you want to update this game. overall, amazing game, really well done.


i cant transform


the bird-meter on the right has to be full for you to be able to transform




I like how it looks so solid and polished for a trijam game... Considered trying to make a AAA game in 1 week ? :D Well done !


well, we did have 6 hours, so i could focus on polishing the game


i played for about 30 to 45 miniutes and got a 42

im mad nice game

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that is a lot more time than I've spent playing... though my high score is 143.

Some advice for anyone having trouble:

-You can transform back to human using SPACE.

-There is a minimum of three enemy birds between two coins and the more birds went by since the last coin, the more probable it is to get a coin.

-Jump very quick and late, to get over the cacti, even if a bird is directly above it.

-Transform back to human after collecting a coin, to prevent using up too much of your "bird-time"